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May 9, 2004 -Plasmatic
My first Tribes mod, called SEX mod is hosted here.
Links to scripting tools may be found on the left of the page.
Since starting Sex Mod I've been involved with a *few other Tribes projects.

Tribes Dosfix, Happy Breaker, and Zed's Renegades

I took over Annihilation mod, and have released 2 versions.
Annihilation 2.1 and Annihilation 2.3
Along with a 1.34 and 2.0 beta version I no longer host because it was incomplete and buggy.
Right now I'm restructuring Annihilation and completing another mod based on the upcoming Tribes 3, called Vengeance.
These mods can be seen in my 2 test servers. "Blue Sex", and "The Future".
This page is an oddities page of sorts, feel free to wander around.
If you have modding questions, I prefer to answer them in the Annihilation forums so others may benefit.

I've also added a scripting operators table for quick reference. Enjoy.

January 20 , 2004 -Plasmatic
Ran across a sweet script for demo making demos. will spawn a camera within a playing demo.
Some really cool effects can be done with this. Enjoy.

January 17, 2004
Finially got around to releasing Annihilation 2.3. Game developers have a saying to describe the time a game is nearly ready to ship, and no more work is done on the code. This is called 'code lockdown' and damnit, its a hard place to get to. Actually polishing something up as complicated as annihilation and saying no more changes is a challenge in itself. But it's happened. This version started out as a simple bug fix (ghost cheat) and turned into something larger. From The Neuro Basher turret to the Pitchfork, and to less visible changes, like reworking the entire power code, simplifying admin, vehicle collision code, and changing the way weapons are mounted to prevent partial mounts, work on this mod was as drawn out as this sentance... After code lockdown sometime around Thanksgiving, I started work on the installer, and planned on a release sometime before Xmas. The release was slowed down a little while NoFix perfected his DosFix packet patch. The install includes 37 maps, up from the 12 included with the 2.1 installer, Some excellent ones by Coal, and Jumper that fit well with Annihilation. After chosing maps I slapped together default setup files, and started smacking Install Master around. Install master is a tricky beast to say the least, at least it is when attempting an idiot proof install and setup. Anyway, here's the origional post from

Annihilation 2.3: The most advanced Tribes mod ever.

Annihilation 2.3 is almost a total conversion for Tribes, without the hassle of client side downloades. This new version includes Zappy Inventories, Exploding Ammo, Nukes, Pitchforks, Dropships, improved deployables, packs, flexable admin, and other goodness.
Download here Annihilation 2.3

Here's a video of the mod in action, enjoy! -Plasmatic
(38 megs, over 5 minutes. Right click, save as.)
Annihilation 6X

While I'm at it, I'll include a Annihilation 2.x compatable version of 996_bootcamp for those of you that like the version at Blue Sex.

November 19 , 2003 -Plasmatic
I've set up a simple page for Nofix's Dosfix.
This is a replacement Infinite spawn for servers owners that would like a little more stability and security,
and are tired of people crashing their server, or 'unexplained' server crashes.

July 14 , 2003 -Plasmatic
Maps From the Past! I used to run these maps in my server, but removed them because they were voted up 24/7. Nows your chance to find out why Happy Fun Slide dna 996_BootCamp were so popular!

July 13 , 2003 -Plasmatic
I've found a set of Scripting documents hunting around on an old hard drive. These files were from the old Tribes site at Sierra, taken down shortly after T2 was released. Enjoy.

July 10 , 2003 -Plasmatic
I've made a few short movies of Annihilation mod. Here's a sample of a Necro flag run. My thanks to ^IC^Ratio who unwitingly got a mouthfull of my fighter. Here's another of the Pitchfork in action, with Sniperess as the stunt corpse.

June , 2003 -Plasmatic
I added a few Oddities to the site. check em out! These are all new screenshots (mostly) with explanations..
I've also added a complete Tribes BMP index. This includes all bmp's in Tribes 1 converted into jpg form, and organised in the .vols they came out of.
Thank Lucid (Raven) from Clan ORB for all the work at his forums.
Along with these updates, ive added links to WinVol and Visual VT, as these .vol tools seem to be getting harder to find.

March , 2003 -Plasmatic
SEX mod version 3 is finially available! Try out the inventory bush, inventory patch, new weapons and deployables for yourself!!

november , 2002 -Plasmatic
Yes, I'm sill alive and coding. I've taken over as head coder for ANNIHILATION mod. Check out the latest version (2.1) available now. I've overhauled most of the code in the mod, and built in some interesting editor features.

Spiders web!
Scene from Sex mod

Builder mode
Scene from Sex mod, builder mode

November1 , 2001 -Plasmatic
Bored with the stock loading screen? Here's a little something better to look at.
loading screen
Grab the Tribes friendly version HERE And drop it into C:\Dynamix\TRIBES\base\Skins

October 30, 2001 -Plasmatic
Just a little something I ran across today, EEP.
Stop Police Ware Now

New Version 2.0 Oct 10, 2001 Now available

Whats new in Sex Mod version 2.0

In no particular order...

Sex mod is mapper friendly now, send any maps to
Changed rock trails -looks more like a meteor now.
fixed optical rocket pack, players can not tk with it now, added smoke puff trail.
Changed Cherry gun to shotgun fire blaster bolts, very evil. More powerfull in builder.
Changed UFO launcher to shotgun fire Discs.
Players now spawn with:
Cherry, UFO, Rocklauncher, Orgasm, Health kits, beacons and turret.
Players in DM spawn with:
UFO, Needle, Rocklauncher, inventory pack, and 10 health kits.
Ctrl- K now does damage to surrounding items/ players.
Server configurable options in sex.cs:
Voteing builder mode can be turned off by server owner.
Reset builder, fair teams, no kill, and base damage on new map.
Admin votes can be weighted now, in server setup- sex.cs
fixed possess bug
fixed freeze bug
$testcheats and giveall(); now work properly, and will disable on map switch.
Added new weapons:
Agedon gun- fires projectile that splits into grenades. Nice for flaking light in the air, or chasing defences out of bases. Lights up the sky nicely.
Blue sex- fires blue mines shot gun style that explode on contact.
Magic Miner -lobs shell that splits into firey mines that deploy. Very nice to look at just before you die.
Added Hellfire pack- poops disc mines from the rear of player.

As a side note, none of these weapons can be used to tk unless TD is on, even the mine launcher,
something I have not seen in other mods.

Plasmatic, Oct 2001

-Plasmatic 10 August 2001

AAAHHHhhhhhhhhhrrrrgh! Snap, Crackle, and Pop... Killed the Jumper pack bug. You remember the Jumper pack, the one that sends you to wherever your crosshairs rest. It works now.. Feel free to kill me online if you can... The new release also includes new maps, one from Jumper, and another classic from Mr. Crispy called HighSide. In other unrelated news, I've slapped up some pictures of me for the ladies ;)

-Plasmatic 10 August 2001

Sex mod heavily updated July 2001
The biggest news here is builder mode, each pack will deploy infinitly, and the soul sucker will destroy deployed objects even faster.
Players spawn with a Soul Sucker in builder mode. Object damage, and fire rate when targeting objects is greatly increased. 500 blastwalls can be destroyed in a matter of seconds in builder mode.
Soul Sucker recoded, works and is visible indoors.
Fixed freeze bug, possess bugs, and various other bugs.
Added admin options, builder mode, no kill zone.
Station and generator damage is switchable from admin menu to prevent base raping.
Player damage can be turned off from admin menu.


Sex mod updated 6 June 2001
Updates include- Spawn with turret.
Orgasm gun fixes team objects/ tractors enemy players.
Beacons cloak/ repair team objects and players.
Fair teams voteable, or admin switchable.
Base damage -damage to generators and stations is voteable or admin switchable.
Corrected team damage for Orgasm gun, and Soul Sucker.

Why do I call it SEX you ask... Good question.
I've been playing Tribes for some time now, almost since the game was released last century, and during some server hopping I ran across Jumpers Place running Professional mod. I befriended Jumper, the President for life of the [KmA] clan and owner of the server. If you havn't played Professional mod, his is the place to go, Now get there and try it, I'll wait...
Now that you've played Pro' mod and gotten killed by some skilled [KmA], I'll continue..
Jumper had taken Renegades, removed all damage for spy armor class, and increased the number of weapons, beacons, mines, and gernades spy could carry. All of them I believe. Here's a screen shot from Jumpers mod.

Check out that weapon list!Check out that weapon list on the left side.

Some screen shots from that mod are mixed in with the others. He called his mod Sex to get people to his server I think, or possibly because he needed more. Surprisingly everyone loved his 'cheat mod' and would beg him to run it whenever possible. I enjoyed his mod alot, and talked him out of a copy. Upon close inspection, he had made just a few simple changes. I had a server set up, and ran his mod occasionally, along with ANARCHY mod. I had some experience modding, I reworked parts of the ANARCHY mod to add admin -I got tired of running tricon, and to remove the 'base' tacked on the end. I was also tiring of all the copy cat mods out there. Base bored me, and every other mod seemed to be a copy of Renegades, or too unbalanced.

A meeting of the minds?
Here's a typical meeting of >SeX< clan members, we are such Penises!

Players seemed to enjoy Jumpers Sex mod, but invulnerable spy class was a pain to play with, and against, so I tought myself to mod. I started with Nicodemus' Foundation mod, and started hacking.
Foundation mod is basically base mod cut apart to learn with, all the weapons, turrets, deployables, stations, etc are in seperate folders. Nicodemus did an excellent job seperating the scripts, and items out. If you want to learn modding, or c++ get this mod. Tribes mods are based on c++ so you can justify all the time wasted that way.. ;)
If you have a hankering to map, get his Mappers Mod from the same place.

Write your name...
I must have been ignoring someone here...

Yes modding takes time and patience, and it helps if you have a server set up for feedback.
Since you've read this far, I'll tell you what the first picture is, asuming it's loaded up for you yet..
It's a screen shot sequence of a 'spiders web' I set up in my base. There's 2 Vortex turrets on the floor, and 2 on the ceiling. Vortex turrets pull enemy players towards them (if you havn't played SEX mod yet). There are also 4 Zapper turrets set up in the room. Zappers drain energy, and remove weapons, ammo and other goodies, leaving the player almost helpless.. Hehe.. I set up force fields to block doors so they wouldn't bounce back out. Besides shooting Home Wreckers, or Volcano packing the area, once you're trapped, you're stuck... ;)

Picture of me carrying a back up blow up doll.

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